We are cruising to assist in eradicating heart disease, THE leading cause of death in men & women.  Join our Cruise Crusade to take out heart disease.  We want to help to keep ALL hearts beating & have fun while we do it. 

We are sailing on the largest cruise ship in the world, the Harmony of the Seas!

We have lots of perks for you on this cruise!  There will be raffles for shore excursions & much more!

Also, because we will be on the high seas on the National Day of Love, we will have lots of emphasis on Love.

All hearts are sweet as long as they beat!  We are donating a portion of our proceeds to the American Heart Association keep as many hearts beating as we can.

Lovely Love will be in the air.  Will you be there?  

Cruise with us...

DatePorts of CallArriveDepartActivity
SUN10FEB2019Fort Lauderdale, Florida-4:30 PMEmbarking
TUE12FEB2019Labadee, Haiti8:00 AM5:00 PMDocked
WED13FEB2019Falmouth, Jamaica10:30 AM7:00 PMDocked
FRI15FEB2019Cozumel, Mexico8:00 AM7:00 PMDocked
SUN17FEB2019Fort Lauderdale, Florida6:15 AM-Disembarking


Interior Cabins start at $1,025.00

Ocean View Cabins start at $1,175.00

Central Park View w/ Balcony starts at $1,225.00

Boardwalk View w/ Balcony starts at $1,250.00

Ocean View Balcony Cabins start at $1,350.00

These prices are baseline prices; there are higher prices in each category and the cabins are being let on a first come, first serve basis.