Past meets present in Costa Maya. Cruise to Costa Maya and find ancient Maya ruins and mysterious jungles just begging to be explored, as well as private beach clubs and trendy restaurants— all in one place. It’s 250 square miles of paradise packed with entertainment and history, all just 30 miles south of Cancun. The Great Maya Reef just off the coast is the second largest in the world— it’s a must-snorkel spot. Or you can kick back at the port village of Mahahual with an ice-cold michelada— a spicy beer cocktail— in hand. For a culture fix, head to the Kohunlick ruins to see the famous Temple of the Masks.

Costa Maya: A Gem in the Mexican Caribbean

If you find yourself wondering what to do in Costa Maya Port, it won’t be because of a lack of choices. The biggest problem visitors to Costa Maya Mahahual have is deciding what to do first! A breathtaking horizon, a lush jungle, and a port transformed to give you a winning vacation—these are all reasons why one of the best things to do in Costa Maya on a cruise is to get off the ship and into the port

Explore the Port

Experience a warm welcome from the locals and enjoy the hospitality and excellent service of the establishments at the port. You can eat delicious Mexican food at the restaurants, buy local products and souvenirs in the stores, or hang out at the beach with a cocktail in hand. You can have a great time in Costa Maya without even stepping foot outside of the port.

Go on an Expedition

If you want some exciting things to do in Costa Maya near cruise port, take a guided tour of the beach and the surrounding Mayan jungle while riding an ATV. You can also take a tour of the Chacchoben Mayan Ruins and learn more about ancient Mayan culture. Standing in the shadow of the stone pyramids and temples, you’ll be able to fully appreciate the grandeur of this ancient landmark.

Try a Unique Cultural Experience (or Five)

One of the best ways to experience Mexican culture is to eat, drink and share experiences with the locals. Enjoy an exclusive tasting of the best tequilas of Mexico or the history of one of the world’s most popular flavors — chocolate — at  Kakaw. Go snorkeling, experience exotic birds native to the Caribbean at the aviary, or pamper your body and nurture your spirit by partaking in a Mayan healing ritual.

Visit Costa Maya Adventure Park

To top off your cruise experience, treat your family to a fun day at Maya, Lost Mayan Kingdom Adventure Park. It boasts thrilling water slides, ziplines, and the 400-meter Zip Coaster (the ultimate zip line experience) that goes over land and water. If at some point you need to relax and recharge, their are resting areas throughout the park that you can use to do just that.